Below are the out of the box features zols provides. You can build any custom feature on top of this and deploy to the CMS easily. Zols is built with collection of loosely coupled components. Each component brings its own feature. Any application build using Zols is a valid pluggable component

Embedded CMS

Zols can run as a standalone CMS or as an embedded CMS within an existing Spring Web Application. Include the necessary jars (TODO: need to specify what jars here, or link to relevant maven repo) to your Spring Application, and CMS is enabled right-away.

Adaptive Design

Zols uses Adaptive Design Strategy. Designers can provide device specific templates (Mobile, Tablet or Desktop) which will be considered while rendering the page across the devices.

Link Manager

Link Manager provides intuitive user interface to manage application links menu, tab etc. Users can define custom categories such as Header, Footer etc. Dynamic Links can also be added with Custom Spring beans.

Schema Builder

Users can define Schema of the content using Schema builder. For E.g if we build a education portal, then we shall model the data types such as School, College, Location and Classrooms using schema builder. This schema will then form the blueprint for the data that needs to handled by the content authoring component.

Role Based Security

Zols is built with Spring Security. Hence, the entire power of the Spring Security framework is available to the developer. Eg: Access to domain url/methods can be secured based on user roles.

Template Repository

Template Repository provides an intuitive workflow for designers to link their HTML Projects into the CMS. Designers can keep their HTML Code in either File System or Static Server. Once this is configured properly, Any changes that happens in these HTML code will directly reflect in the website, thus allowing the design and the developer to work at tandem without the usual complexities.

Document Repository

Similar to Template Repository, documents can be externalized using Document Repository. These documents can also be secured based on the User roles.